STC INSISO: a leading provider of risk control and assurance software and services

STC INSISO are dedicated to helping organisations and individuals achieve their goals by working together to tackle persistent challenges and unlock substantial opportunities.

Their extensive portfolio features two core software solutions: COMET and Centerpoint. COMET, an innovative Safety Management System, is a suite of cloud-based tools created to boost business performance by uncovering the underlying root causes of issues. Over the past decade, COMET has garnered trust across diverse sectors, including marine, oil and gas, construction, rail, and utilities. Its unique approach generates invaluable insights, enabling the identification of systemic issues and facilitating well-informed decisions to proactively prevent future incidents. In contrast, Centerpoint is a versatile Enterprise Resource Management platform for Operations Teams.

Their experienced team specialises in software and service development, enabling businesses across various industries to proficiently mitigate risks and ensure operational excellence. The comprehensive range of offerings incorporates a fusion of technology products, application development, training, and design expertise.

Case Study 1 – Incident Investigation: LR uses COMET methodology to help improve drilling performance

Case Study 2 – Business Process Software: Making project delivery clear, accessible and fit-for-purpose

Case Study 3 – App Development: Creating more time for effective HS&E activities

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More information on COMET and Centerpoint:

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